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Cedar Rock Yoga Studio offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in a spacious studio in rural Conway. The studio is fully equipped with props used in Iyengar hatha yoga method and taught with clear and precise instructions.  Each student is given individual attention for modifications or adjustments in alignment and encouraged to work at his or her own level. Cedar Rock Yoga Studio

Our mission at Cedar Rock Yoga Studio is to offer an opportunity to study the art of yoga in a serene, supportive and educational environment.  Each class offers a personal means of self-exploration to help us reduce physical discomforts, mental stress, and lead more fulfilling and balanced lives.

Yoga is not about having an empty mind, but rather to calm the mind.  It is relatively easy to be physically still; it is much more difficult to calm the constant chatter of our minds.  This style of yoga helps us do this by starting externally through the postures and breathing techniques, calming the nervous system.

The poses are designed to affect every part of the body.  Every part is stimulated for promoting better circulation, which is the key to improving the immune system. When our bodies are physically stronger, it is reflected mentally and emotionally.  When we are more flexible, not only can we move better, but our mental attitudes are also more flexible.  Yoga helps bring this balance with strength and flexibility.

A knowledge of anatomy and kinetics is important when doing yoga, especially when it is for therapeutic purposes, to aid in healing and to help prevent injuries. Maintaining the proper alignment of the spine and joints is critical for the health of the spinal cord, discs and nervous system, and the integrity of the joints and surrounding muscles.

We often equate incredible strength and flexibility with health.  That is not necessarily the truth.  There is a balance that needs to exist in the body/mind and any extreme condition could prove harmful.

Strength is required to support the framework (bones) of the body and the internal organs. Flexibility is required so we can move the muscles that move the bones.   Without adequate strength and flexibility, not only would we not be able to move, we would not be able to breathe, since the muscles of respiration must also be strong and supple.

Private sessions are offered that are particularly helpful for those with specific needs.

Yoga is not a religion, but rather, a science and means for living a healthier, more balanced life.

Balancing strength and flexibility - physically, mentally and emotionally