Balancing Strength & Flexibility Through Yoga

Offering comprehensive Iyengar yoga classes in a beautiful environment. 


Cedar Rock Yoga Studio

Cedar Rock Yoga Studio offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in a spacious studio in rural Conway. Classes are taught with clear and precise instructions with individual attention based on each student’s abilities and needs.

The atmosphere of a yoga class is supportive and respectful of all students. You are encouraged to pay attention to your body's feedback and limitations while exploring safe methods to strengthen and stretch. If you are stressed, there is an opportunity to learn to relax. If your body needs toning, yoga will provide strength without stressing your joints. If you are feeling tight, you will enjoy gentle stretching.

Classes are designed to teach yoga for aging students. The poses are functionally more available and appropriate for each individual with props and modified poses.

Yoga is not a religion, but rather, a science and means of living a healthier, more balanced life.

Hatha yoga is intended to complement, not to substitute for the advice of your physician. Although hatha yoga can be done by most people, it may not be recommended for those with special medical problems. Always consult your doctor before starting any medical or physical regime.