Find Out More About Our Yoga Classes and Studio

The spacious room is always well-ventilated with plenty of space between each person. We also run two HEPA approved air purifiers.


If you are a new student, please call or text before attending your first class to ensure availability. Please pay with check or cash as we currently do not accept credit cards.

Students are asked to bring their own props, which include a yoga sticky mat, belt, 2 firm blankets, and 2 blocks.  

What To Wear:

We recommend you wear what is comfortable and also allows you to move and stretch. Most people find that shorts or footless tights and a t-shirt work fine. The teacher should be able to see the outline of your legs, so no sweat pants please. Yoga classes are done in bare feet. Please do not wear perfume, lotions, or heavy jewelry.

Special Physical Needs:

Let your teacher know ahead of time about any injuries, physical problems, or medical conditions. Please do not come to class if you have any contagious condition.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds unless your reserved space gets filled. Fees are nontransferable.

Makeup Classes:

If you miss a class and wish to make it up, please schedule it within the same 4-week session.